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Buckinghamshire CC
We recently produced new SEN Transition videos for Children's Services.
Portsmouth Council
Portsmouth CC:
We have just completed a 2 DVD video resource for Portsmouth Corporate Parent Team.
We are currently working on videos to support Connexions RPA strategy.
Clarity Learning is an experienced communications consultancy that works exclusively within education.

We offer strategic and creative advice as well as media production resources and skills, to help you deliver a wide range of 'communication projects', whether aimed at learners, teachers, assessors or other stake-holders.

From newsletters to podcasts, DVDs to conferences, web sites to CPD materials, whatever your resource requirements we work closely with you to develop, design and deliver relevant, engaging and effective materials that might include:

  • Helping teachers, parents and students to understand new educational policy
  • Sharing professional best practice
  • Encouraging young people towards certain subjects, courses or types of learning
  • Documenting and celebrating teaching/learning initiatives
  • Motivating and inspiring fellow professionals or practitioners

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Clarity Learning has written three documents, "Clarity Learning's Guide to Video Production", "Beginning Your Project" and "Using Video to Capture Best Practice". These are available for download here.
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