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Clarity Learning has written three documents, "Clarity Learning's Guide to Video Production", "Beginning Your Project" and "Using Video to Capture Best Practice". These are available for download here.
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Ask a Colleague

We are thrilled that many of our clients have agreed to answer your questions about their experiences of working on their communication projects.

You can ask them absolutely anything about their work and their project.

  • What was it like working with a production company?
  • What are the key questions to ask a production company?
  • How much planning is involved?
  • How expensive is it?
  • How much control do you have over your media project?

All your questions will be delivered directly to the colleague's email address and they will make every effort to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.
Emma McKenna, Head Teacher
Ask a Colleague
Emma is a now head teacher, but was formerly a key member of Carmarthenshire LEA's School Improvement Services. Emma has been responsible for managing and delivering a key CPD resource, "Learning to Talk: Talking to Learn". (See 'Our Work' pages for more information about the project).

Sue Beckett, Sing Up Area Leader, Portsmouth, Southampton and the IOW
Ask a Colleague
Sue is also Head of Music Services for Portsmouth. However, it was as Sing Up Area Leader that Sue commissioned Clarity Learning to work with her to produce a CPD resource for music teachers, "Sing Up Boys". (See 'Our Work' pages for more information about the project).

Karen Holland, Head Teacher, Birchgrove Secondary School, Swansea
Ask a Colleague
Karen worked with John Mitchell on the production of a CPD Best Practice Resource that looked to use video to capture, explore and disseminate key Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies.

Cherry Davidson, School Improvement Officer, Carmarthenshire LEA
Ask a Colleague
As School Improvement Officer, Cherry was responsible for producing a key CPD resource, 'Learning to Talk: Talking to Learn', that shares Assessment for Learning (AfL) techniques and strategies that help teacher help young learners use talking skills to aid their learning. (See 'Our Work' pages for more information about the project).

Louise Davies, Corporate Parenting Officer, Portsmouth City Council
Ask a Colleague
As Corporate Parenting Officer, Louise manages a small team responsible for the co-ordination of the LA's services and provisions for over 250 children in care in Portsmouth.

Louise worked closely with Clarity Learning to develop a 2 DVD video resource, "Talking about Corporate Parenting". (See 'Our Work' pages for more information about the project).

Sue Riley, Director of the Basingstoke Consortium
Ask a Colleague
Before Sue became the director of the Basingstoke Consortium,, she was Project Manager for Queen Mary's College in Basingstoke during the production of their DVD video resource, "Tuning into University".

Queen Mary's College in partnership with Aimhigher wanted to develop a DVD video that directly addressed the views and concerns held by Year 9 students about going to university. The DVD was designed to encourage more young people to consider going into HE.