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To help you with developing your own projects, Clarity Learning has written three documents, 'Beginning Your Project', 'Clarity Learning's Guide to Video Production' and 'Capturing Best Classroom Practice on Video' which we hope you will find useful. Please click below to download the documents:
Clarity Learning Resources Beginning Your Project
Once you have decided you need to develop a communication resource, it is important that you ask (and answer) some key questions. Our "Beginning Your Project" document will help you to ensure your project sets off in the right direction.
Clarity Learning Resources A Guide to Video Production
Starting a project that involves video production can be daunting, especially if you haven't worked with video camera and camera operators before! Our short guide explains in plain English the key stages in a video production, from the first meeting to the delivery of a DVD, putting you in comfortable control of your project.
Clarity Learning Resources Capturing Best Classroom Practice on Video
Capturing on video good practice in classroom settings is a fantastic way of sharing ideas and experiences with other educational professionals. In this short guide we explore how it can be captured effectively and with confidence.

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