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Carmarthenshire LEA DVD Video - "Learning to Talk: Talking to Learn"

Clarity Learning has just completed the filming on an exciting CDP project for Carmarthenshire LEA. Carmarthenshire LEA commissioned a resource that will explore the impact and influence of talking and dialogue in the classroom.

"Learning to Talk: Talking to Learn" meant visiting and filming in seven different primary and secondary schools within Carmarthenshire to document the range of assessment for learning (AfL) strategies and techniques being used in classrooms to encourage talking and dialogue, not just teacher to pupil but pupil to pupil and pupil to teacher. The resource will be available by the end of the summer term 2010.

Our filming techniques mean we can be confident that we will collect credible and effective sequences without upsetting normal classroom activities or the need for any direction or 'set ups'. This is a 'warts and all' visit to classroom teaching. Please see our "Capturing Best Practice on Video" guide available for download on our resources page.

"Clarity Learning has been a fantastic help to us with producing an educational DVD. John informed us of the process, made sure that each next step was planned accordingly and took care to make sure that we were comfortable with the steps at all times. He made sure that we did not lose sight of our project aim, and if we did, he was sure to pull us back, asking relevant questions that would clarify our thoughts and objectives. The filming crew were very professional and went about their duties efficiently and had a good rapport with the pupils."
Emma McKenna - LEA Advisor Carmarthenshire LA

Please click here to view a clip of this program.
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