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Edexcel Assessment Associate Road Show

Edexcel's commitment to providing excellence demands that they work especially closely with teachers, examiners and professional educators. Nowhere is this motivation more clearly demonstrated than in the annual road shows that they host across the UK for Assessment Associates.

These AA Road Shows are a fantastic opportunity to share and learn together, to better understand what is happening within the world of education. Clarity Learning worked with the AA Relationship Management Team to produce a visual record of the road shows. This was then hosted on Edexcel's website by way of sharing the key messages and learns from the event.

"Edexcel annually holds a series of regional Assessment Associate road shows, an opportunity for senior examiners, moderators and verifiers to hear news and updates and to be involved in workshops and discussion forums. Edexcel engaged Clarity Learning to capture the highlights of the day as well as feedback from the event organisers and participants for sharing amongst those who were unable to attend. Clarity Learning's professional approach and creative input resulted in an excellent record of the events. The team on the day were a delight to work with and accommodated all our needs both during and after the event."
Clare Hatcher, Operations Manager, Edexcel - Operational Services