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Edexcel - "Project Alpha"

Edexcel have recently set up a customer services directorate to better support their customers' needs across a broad range of services and products. Edexcel is determined to offer world-class customer service and is now working hard to embed within its organisation a stronger, more-consistent focus on customer needs. The organisation embarked on a number of projects - globally known as Project Alpha - internally to help it develop and improve its customer services provisions the project.

To help understand the work it has done and to celebrate its achievements, Edexcel's Customer Engagement Team asked Clarity Learning to develop a video resource to be hosted and delivered online.

"Saw the video for the first time on Thursday. It is really fantastic. The style and visuals are greats... so professional and slick! And really flows well and it will really help us to tell the organisation what we've achieved. I know the whole Customer Services Directorate is really pleased with it."
Sarah Arthur - Customer Engagement Team, Edexcel

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