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Edexcel - "Knowing our Customers" Film

Providing good customer service is, of course, important to many organisations. Edexcel is presently embarking on a company wide change programme to embed within its organisation a greater sense and appreciation of what it means to provide excellent customer service.

Clarity Learning was asked to produce a film that explored what customer service looked like from the point of view of some of Edexcel's main customer groups: a Head of Department, an Examinations Officer and a Work-based Learning Provider. We learn what it is like to do their jobs and how Edexcel's products, services and customer service support them in their roles...or, in some cases, don't support them well enough!

The finished programme is being delivered on DVD to all departments, and it will form an integral part of employee training and induction workshops for new employees.

"The film is great. I found it both engaging and informative. It is just what we, as an organisation, need at the moment. We could have done with it years ago!"
Greg Ferrari - Director of Customer Services, Edexcel

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